Enrique Bunbury Turns into a Zombie

If you think zombies are so 2009, think again. Spanish crooner Enrique Bunbury comes back as the living dead in his new video for the song “Frente a Frente” from his upcoming album Las Consecuencias (EMI; out Feb. 16).

Directed by J.A. Bayona (the same guy that helmed the Spanish horror flick El Orfanato), the clip was filmed during a rainstorm in a forest near the city of Girona. It pictures Bunbury as a ghostly, lankier version of his former self—perhaps a consequence of the steak through his heart? When the blade is removed, he falls into a grave with arms wide open.

A cover of an '80s classic by Jeanette, the song is a duet with Tulsa singer Miren Iza, who the ex-Héroes del Silencio vocalist describes as “Spain’s most interesting singer-songwriter right now.” And indeed, her delicate, dreamy voice is well suited to this track about love lost.