Draco Rosa’s Video for "Esto Es Vida" is Full of Symbolism. Can You Figure it Out?

Singer-songwriter Draco Rosa sees the world through the eyes of a poet. A lover of all things surreal, he finds beauty in almost anything. That’s why his video for the love song “Esto Es Vida” from his eponymous new album is anything but conventional.

Directed by his wife, actress Ángela Alvarado Rosa, the clip has some elements of a 1940’s-era circus: black and white tent, stuffed zebras, and Day of the Dead–style skulls. It opens with nurses and wounded soldiers playing violins and cellos. Then we see Draco, bare-chested and wearing a wig and mask. His reflection in the mirror reveals the man behind the costume: He is exposed, vulnerable and ready to open his heart. In the end we see Cupid’s arrow has punctured his chest and our hero has fallen.

It’s definitely a bit absurd but very Draco. Go here to see some behind-the-scenes photos of the clip. And check out the video below and let me know your interpretation.