Countess of the Clink: Sofia Vergara in "Chicago"

Sofia Vergara has come a long way since she was Chasing Papi. The Colombian model, actress and Cadillac driver (remember those sultry commercials?) is now a Broadway thespian. She’s currently starring in Chicago as prison matron “Mama” Morton (Queen Latifah played the role in the film version of the musical).

I caught the show over the weekend and was impressed by her performance. Not only is the bombshell one hot “mistress of murderers row,” but she can also sing. Who knew?!

“I’ve sung in my house,” she told Mega TV, “but I had never stood on a stage.” Vergara, who only had two weeks to rehearse for the show, has a deep bellowing voice that catches audiences by surprise. Best part: She’s turned the cellblock warden into a Latina by peppering her lines with some Spanish phrases. “They said, Ddo it however you want—being Latina, being a young woman, sexy—we won’t change you,'” she has said.

Catch the Barranquilla native until May 24 before the production moves on to Miami for a short tour.