"American Idol" Week 5: Did Tatiana Del Toro Deserve to Make It?

Wow. Just, wow. AI-lovers, how shocked were you when Tatiana Del Toro made it to the top 36? Stranger things have happened—like, say, Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell making the cut—but this is truly a sign that things just ain't the same in Idol land.

That said, I understand why the judges (and producers) put her through. The girl is cluelessly cocky and annoying, but she can actually sing, too! She's the perfect combination of train wreck mixed with talent, so Idol producers get the best of both worlds out of her—and they'll keep milking this as long as America lets them. Especially after the hilarious montage of Tatiana's weepiest, most dramatic moments (watch the clip below), I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of her. My only question is, why hasn't she shrieked out any of this stuff in Spanish yet? You know she wants to!

Tatiana is even grabbing my attention more than Jorge "Marc Anthony" Nuñez, who made the cut as well (Yay! two Latinos!) but is looking more and more like an underdog. To make matters worse, he's boring. Not blind + not a single father + not as flamboyant as Nathaniel Disturbiahhh" Marshall = bad news. Jorge, you better come up with a sob story or step your game up, stat!

Right now, I'm rooting for Alexis Grace and Matt Giraud, who both really impressed me with their final auditions in Hollywood. Alexis can sing, she has the cutest blonde baby I've ever seen, and her pink-streaked hair is very Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt's "Ex-Girlfriend" video. Love her. And Matt is my fave guy so far because he rocks it at the piano, he's got a soulful yet radio-friendly voice, and he is the least tool-ish out of all the white boys on the show.

Who are your favorite Idol contestants so far? What did you think about Tatiana making the final cut? And for those of you who have no idea who or what in heaven's name I'm talking about, I suggest you watch the clip below, because you'll be hearing the name Tatiana Del Toro a lot more very soon...whether you want to or not!

WATCH: Tatiana Del Toro Makes the Top 36 of American Idol Season 8

[Video source: MJ's Big Blog