Allison Iraheta Is Safe! For Now...

The second I saw Allison Iraheta's cleaned-up, rock chic look during Ryan Seacrest's " American Idol!" intro on Tuesday night, I knew she'd be safe. She finally seemed to realize that she's got to play the game to win it, so she dutifully de-spiked her hair, stopped pretending to play guitar (a.k.a. "axe"), and just sang the hell out of a soulful Bonnie Rait tune from the day she was born (for the record, that's 1992, and I'm officially in a post-quarterlife crisis).

And sure enough, America forgot all about that scary, emo-gone-wrong ensemble from last week and sheperded her into the next round. No more Bottom 3 for her! Right? much as I love Allison, I'm not sure she's done with the Bottom 3 for good. Simon had a point when he told the teen songstress that despite her huge, inarguable talent, she's just not chatty or personable enough to win a reality TV competition. So, alas, I'm starting to give up on my fantasy that she'll be the successor to David Cook.

Kris Allen's going to have a tough time making it to the top. too. I know I was singing his praises last week, but he took a step back with this jazzy-funky-blah performance, and like Matt Giraud before him, he proved that singing from deep inside a pit of screaming tweens is not a good look. Not good at all. I was worried that Kris would make his first trip to the Bottom 3 last night, but thankfully, it didn't happen (RIP, Scott McIntyre). It's a good sign that America's willing to forgive Kris for a minor slip-up, especially when they're not doing the same for Allison—or any of the females, for that matter...what's up with that?

So if Allison and Kris aren't going to win Idol, who will? Well since I refuse to entertain the possibility that Dead-Wife-Pimpin', Rascal-Flatts-Singin' Danny Gokey is a contender, I'm starting to believe that we have an inevitable winner on our hands. At first, I couldn't stand Adam Lambert, but the more he dials back on those insane vocals and makes impactful song choices (Tears for Fears? Yes, please!), the more I can't help but admire him and look forward to seeing what he does next. If I'm getting converted, I can just imagine how the people who loved him from Day 1 are feeling.The Adam Lambert machine is unstoppable, people!

Maybe I'm wrong, though. Idol fans, who's your favorite to take the Season 8 crown? Can you imagine any other outcome besides Adam Lambert winning?

WATCH: Allison Iraheta performs "I Can't Make You Love Me" on Idol