Alejandro Sanz Gets Cozy with Eva Longoria Parker

“It’s not a bad day’s work when you have to cuddle in bed with Alejandro Sanz to keep warm,” said Eva Longoria Parker. The “desperate housewife” plays the Spanish singer’s love interest in the video for “Desde cuándo” from the Paraíso Express album.

In the video, we see the starry-eyed pair romp around in a cabin, ride bicycles together and share a warm drink on a cold winter’s day. It all looks very cozy but, according to the 41-year-old crooner, the passion didn’t just come naturally: “At first it was a little hard getting into a romantic mood because we know each other really well, we laugh and are good friends but as soon as we got into the roles, it was really nice and she taught me a lot.”

It didn’t take much convincing to get Longoria Parker involved in the shoot. “Alejandro asked me a couple of months before his album came out if I would be in one of his videos and I said ‘YES’ before I knew the song or the concept,” said the Tejana actress. “As a human being and as a person, he’s an amazing spirit, amazing soul. I was honored to be able to do anything with Alejandro.”

Check out this behind-the-scenes shoot of the video, which includes more insight from the pals: