6 Questions for Lil Wayne, New "Rock" Star and Possible Hip-Hop Killer

No, Lil Wayne is not Latino. But Drew Correa, one of the producers of his unbelieeeeeevably bad new "rock" single, "Prom Queen," is, and therefore I must post their unfortunate collaboration and ask you all to help me answer these serious questions.

1) Assuming hip-hop was not dead on the day this single leaked, can we say it is now?

2) If so, who killed it? Was it Mr. Carter, in the amphitheater, with the Vocoder?

3) If not, wouldn't it be kinder of us to just get it over with?

4) Are "I loved her fancy underwear/I sit behind her every year" the most ridiculous lines ever set to a guitar riff?

5) When did the biggest rappers with the most credibility and widest influence decide that AutoTune + 8th grade-reading level emo lyrics = innovation?

6) Does anyone else feel like crying right now?

For the record, I don't blame Correa for this. He's made plenty of good music (most notably on Weezy's last record, The Carter III) and is obviously beholden to the superstar who helped make him hot. But this is...it's wrong, is what it is! Right?

Listen and watch, if you dare.

LISTEN: Lil Wayne, "Prom Queen"


WATCH: Lil Wayne debuts "Prom Queen" live in San Diego