Hot Mary Janes
By Yuliana Gomez | 11/27/2009 - 12:00

I can only bring myself to talk about shoes after yesterday's huge, delicious meal. Therefore, check out these scorching, triple strap Mary Janes ($49)—could they get any sexier? Either in black or red, they look amazing—and at that price I think I might get both.

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Prim and Proper
By Yuliana Gomez | 11/26/2009 - 12:00

A good dress pretty much does all the work for you—and if you find the right one, it will make you look put together no matter where your plans take you. As an example, see this striped floral dress ($62). It’s sexy enough to wear on a night out, nice enough for work with a cardigan and black tights and charming enough to wear to any special event. Love.

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All That Glitters
By Yuliana Gomez | 11/25/2009 - 11:00

I’ve always had a thing for Alexis Bittar jewelry; can’t really pinpoint exactly what it is about his pieces, but maybe it’s the way the Lucite ones look so luxe. They glimmer like gold, just a tad more refined. I found these beautiful hoop earrings ($100) and need to snatch them up, like, right now. 

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Ruffle Heaven
By Yuliana Gomez | 11/24/2009 - 11:49

Even though I own a similar version of this skirt in all black, I think this one in silver ($48) is one notch up on the the dressy meter for the holiday part

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Cozy Chic
By Yuliana Gomez | 11/23/2009 - 16:15

Our Design Director Denise has a knack for wearing some really stylish sweater vests with different outfits—she makes it look so effortlessly artful. So when I saw this cute vest at Ann Taylor Loft, I decided I definitely want to try this design-y look now that it’s getting cold.

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A Leg Up
By Norell Giancana | 11/20/2009 - 16:50

Warm and stylish, these wool wide-leg trousers by GF Ferré (on sale for $101.00, are a wardrobe staple. Great for job interviews, casual dinners or holiday affairs, these pants look fantastic with a cardigan, a plain white tank, or a sexy camisole.

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Just a Flirt
By Norell Giancana | 11/19/2009 - 15:58

This ruffled cami sold at Anthropologie ($58) is absolutely gorgeous with its whimsical ruffles and soft, creamy color.

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Ready to Impress
By Norell Giancana | 11/18/2009 - 17:00

Express has gotten it absolutely right with this satin pleated tube dress. It’s the ultimate cocktail frock with its clean lines, simple design and touch of spandex, making it flattering on almost any body type. Not to mention, the pocket detail and waist pleats are perfect for when you’ve eaten too much at dinner. And at the fantabulous price of $60, it’s a no-brainer. It comes in a rainbow of bright color options, too.

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Feeling Pretty
By Norell Giancana | 11/17/2009 - 17:07

This Aqua Brocade Combo Dress in black and gold number is perfect for this year’s holiday office party. And priced at $98, its affordable and versatile enough (it can double as your christmas and/or New Year’s eve ensemble) to maximize your dollar. Paired with a strappy pump (for you ladies on the West Coast) or with a bootie and opaqe tights (for the east coast fashionistas), this look can be fun and edgy.

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Light up the Night
By Norell Giancana | 11/16/2009 - 17:35

This Silence&Noise Sequin Racerback Tank from Urban Outfitters is essential for every party girl’s closet.

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