Be a Vintage-Wearing Cheetah Girl

Have you ladies ever heard of Topshop? If I had to break it down, I'd say that it's to the U.K. what Zara is to Spain--a great boutique for clothes and accessories that are as chic as they are cheap. The only difference, sadly, is that there are no Topshop stores in the U.S. But that's about to change, because they're crossing the pond and launching a Soho, NYC store in the spring of 2009!

If you're not a city girl, or you just don't want to wait three months or more to score chic and cheap finds, then head over to The site features collections from premiere English designers and even one by the ultimate fashionista, Ms. Kate Moss. I love this Vintage Style Leopard Coat ($180,, which really does look like a great retro find. Try it, and unleash your inner Cheetah Girl.