Modern Mami: Daddy Dearest!


It was the stroller of all strollers.  A stroller so cool, it comes with it’s own music video.  This stroller was the KIT to his Knight Rider.  It was the Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle to his Christmas Story. It was the motorcycle to his not-so-midlife crisis.

So he got the most high-tech stroller out there.  The Origami—a transformer-like stroller that with the push of one button it folds and unfolds.  We’re talkin’ black and silver in color, rims, lights, and an LCD dashboard.  Yes, folks.  I’m still talking about a stroller.   It’s by 4Moms but Gibby doesn’t understand why it’s not called 4Gibby or at least 4ReallyCoolDads.

Sure, he smiled when I showed him stuffed animals and teddy bear onsies but in his mind, he was day dreaming about wearing aviators and leather gloves, rocking out to Metallica while pushing an equally cool rock and roll looking Baby Bean through the park – all in slow motion, of course!

I get it.  He flips through baby furniture catalogs with me, folds little bitty onsies to my crazy specifications, and shows interest when I talk about the ins and outs of breastfeeding.  He wanted something cool to share with Baby Bean and how could I deny him that?

This is foreshadowing though, isn’t it?  First it’s the cool stroller, then the latest and greatest dirt bike, and eventually that motorcycle is gonna come back to bite me in the butt. Oh Boy, indeed!