Modern Mami: I'm Having A Bummy Day (And Other Pregnancy Woes)

Is it okay that I have a bummy day? Is it okay that I admit my back hurts, I really miss eating sushi, and I don’t like that my dimples have moved from my face to my butt? Is it okay that the next person to tell me that I look like I’m about to ‘pop’ should watch out because I might have to ‘pop’ them in the face? Is it okay that when my husband tells me I look beautiful, I cry and tell him he’s lying?

Am I the only that feels the need to keep it all together every moment of the day? “I’m happy!”… “I’m pregnant!”… “I’m superwoman!”… “That extra 24 pounds I’ve gained doesn’t bother me one bit!”… “My clothes don’t fit? No problem!”… “That’s what my boobs look like now? Great!”

Yeah. I had a bummy day.

When I initially thought about writing this blog, I thought, who wants to hear me complain? But then I thought about the women who have tough days like me, and like me, feel guilty for even feeling such a thing.

Don’t get me wrong — I love being pregnant (just check out last week’s blog post!). I’ve had such a wonderful pregnancy and I feel like a million bucks about 99 percent of the time. I’ve embraced the changes that are happening to me and I’m enjoying the ride, but every once in a while I feel like being a whiney, hormonal, pregnant woman. And I just want it to be okay to feel like that. 

I know that I’m having a baby and that I’m going to gain weight. I know that my body is changing and I’m going to feel awkward and uncomfortable sometimes. But like I told my husband, I’m still a woman and I still get emotional, irrational, and sometimes I’m going to feel a little bummed out.    

I had my own little pity party – guilt free — and I have to say, I felt so much better afterwards. I think it was just being honest with myself, honoring my feelings (whether right or wrong), working through it, and moving on. 

I think as women we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect and we have to let that unrealistic mindset go! Embrace our awesome days and embrace our bummy days. It’s all a part of the experience. It’s honest. It’s real. And it’s okay.

But seriously, if you ask me one more time if I’m having twins, don’t be surprised if you end up with twin black eyes!