Modern Mami: The 15 Craziest Things People Have Told Me About Pregnancy

"In Mexico my cousins stay indoors for 40 days because their milk supply will dry up if they expose their bodies to the sun or cold weather. They only take sponge baths too for that period of time." -- Diana Castillo Spiro

"This one SOUNDS crazy but it actually works: Put cabbage leaves in your bra to help with engorgement when weaning from breastfeeding!" -- Jeaneen Russel

"Break Vitamin E capsules on my (huge) belly, mixing it with cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks... No stretch marks! I'm sure it was genetics, but hey I would try anything at that point." -- Tiffany Hester

"My mother-in-law would rub egg whites on the back of my baby's knee and leg so that he would stand and walk early. She said the calcium would make them strong

." -- Melissa Brown Arevalo

"My grandma said the only thing that cured cuts or scrapes was sangre de chango, or monkey’s blood.  Turns out it was just iodine!" -- Valerie Ibarra

"The worst advice comes from people who haven't been pregnant telling me what I can't do - 'You can't drink caffeine! You can't color your hair! Should you be driving?'" -- Allyson Geditz Thompson