Modern Mami: The 15 Craziest Things People Have Told Me About Pregnancy

"Eat whatever you’re craving, otherwise your baby will come out with his mouth open." -- Valerie Ibarra

"Take a bubble bath while eating apple pie.  My friend swears this will induce labor." -- Heidi Tranisi

"My mom taped dimes over our belly buttons as infants so we would have an innie. I tried with my kids and couldn't keep it up. Their belly buttons are kind of in between an innie & outie." -- Sandy Campanella

"If the baby has hiccups, get red string, put saliva on it and place it on the forehead. It makes the hiccups go away." -- Vanessa Ibarra

"Don’t cut their hair before they're one or "le cortas la vista (they will go blind)." -- Yvonne Brown

"Don't make the baby look at you upside down because it will cause them to go cross-eyed." -- Valerie Ibarra

"In Indian culture, one wives tale is to mark the back of your baby's ear with a black dot to ward off jealousy or anything that will bring harm to baby." -- Ami Rewal Desai

Hysterical, right?! Who is already eating apple pie while in a hot bubble bath hoping to induce labor? Hopefully some of these made you laugh or maybe you have a crazier story! I’d love to hear it - drop your comments below!