Modern Mami: The 15 Craziest Things People Have Told Me About Pregnancy

Baby Bean arrives in just a few months and as a first time momma, I’ve got a lot of questions. Luckily, I have a vast support group that I can turn to when I need advice.  How many bottles do I need to buy? What kind of stroller should I get?  Do I need a bassinet or just a crib?

For the most part, it’s great advice but every once in a while, I’m given advice that leaves me scratching my head. For instance, my mother, Delma Guerrero, who would like to remain anonymous, said to me, “You don’t need a crib. I put your sister in a laundry basket when I brought her home and she was fine.” Grandma said I didn’t need to buy diapers. In Spanish she told me, “I’m saving old tee-shirts and will turn them into diapers. They’re much softer for the baby.” That’s my kooky familia

But I knew I couldn’t be the only one receiving all this wisdom so I asked my friends to tell me some of the craziest, silliest, and wackiest advice they’d received.

"My mom told me to scrub my nipples with a loofa to prep them for breastfeeding... ouch!" -- Katie Sharpe

”Get your sleep now!" Really? Can I stockpile sleep and pull it out of the reserve when the baby comes?" -- Sybil Azure