Modern Mami: Babymoon! All Aboard!

Another must—a relaxing pool. I love kids, heck, I love ‘em so much I’m about to have one but on our babymoon we wanted an adults only pool. The quiet was nice but I also didn’t frighten a child with my enormous bikini belly.  Ahhh…the pool. Another happy place where I didn’t weigh a hundred and ahem pounds but was weightless. I stayed in the pool until I pruned. I didn’t care. 

The babymoon for us was about connecting so one night, we got dressed up and went out on a date. Again, we splurged on an amazing dinner with a beautiful view. We tried not to only talk about the baby, which was impossible but we tried, nevertheless. 

Our three days at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, while short, was exactly what we needed to connect, decompress, and rejuvenate ourselves for the weeks ahead. 

Your turn!  Book your babymoon and let me know how it goes!!