Modern Mami: Babymoon! All Aboard!

Since we’re coming near the end of the pregnancy, it was important to find a place where it was all about relaxation. Hiking, shopping, biking, while all available to us, took a backseat and we needed pool, spa, massage, dinner, oh and golf for the hubby (it is his babymoon, too after all).

I had only one requirement for my babymoon, which was a few hours to spend at the spa.  Ahhhh—the spa at the resort was amazing. The scent of lavender was everywhere, plush robes, and fruit infused iced water. Excuse me while I go back to that happy place for just a moment…….

Okay I’m back. The prenatal massage was incredible. If you’re pregnant and achy, please, please, please spend the money on a 50-minute massage. Your husband means well with his foot and shoulder massages but you have no idea what you’re missing.