Modern Mami: Babymoon! All Aboard!

Whoever invented the ‘babymoon’ is genius. I don’t care of some people think it’s just another made up excuse for a vacation. HA! Like I need an excuse for a vacation. It’s been 8 long months of pregnancy and a little treat for my husband and me is exactly what we needed.

First, we skipped the plane ride. That knocked off a couple hundred bucks and used the extra money towards a nicer place to stay. Granted, I live in Southern California so there are so many amazing vacation destinations for me to go in a 100-mile radius. 

But if you don’t have that luxury, find an upscale hotel or bed and breakfast near your hometown. Hotels have a way of making you feel like you’re on vacation even if you’re just a few miles from home. 

We opted for a place we’d never been to before so it would be brand new to us. About an hour and half outside of LA, near Santa Barbara, is a place called Ojai and there is the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. It’s quiet, serene, private and nowhere near the noisy 405 freeway!