Modern Mami: The Baby Registry Black Hole

I began my baby registry and had to put it away after the first fifteen minutes because I was so overwhelmed. The opposite happened the next time I logged on to start my registry—I was sucked into this black hole of baby gear and it took me 7 hours to find my way out! 

I’m convinced I was brainwashed while it this alternate universe. I’m not a person of ‘stuff.’  I like my life simplified and clutter – free. I don’t have an excess of clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, paperwork, etc. So it was shocking to me that now I felt the need to have everything with a 5-star rating and I’ll take three of each. 

Also, while in this said universe, I became irrationally obsessed with strollers. I have been known to search out nannies in my neighborhood, yell for them to stop, and proceed to inspect their strollers! Then, I go home and research it endlessly.  Is it the right color? How much does it weigh? Is it safe enough?  How long can I use it? How much does it cost? Can I take it to the beach? Can I take it on a plane?  The questions go on and on until I drive myself crazy or until I see my next stroller victim and then become obsessed with that one. I still haven’t found the right stroller.

I finally had to put this all into perspective. My kid is surviving on umbilical cord fluid and Taco Bell nachos right now. What is he really  going to need when he gets here? So I turn to my mommy support group for answers. 

Here are some of their baby registry must-haves!

Video Monitor

Diaper Genie

Madela Breast Pump/Double Breast Pump

Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper

My Breastfriend Pillow (for breastfeeding)

A Swing and Bouncy Seat-in-one

Fisher Price Zen Swing

Wipes Warmer (great idea!)

Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle blankets

Diapers (another great idea!)

And I love that one mommy suggested I register for wine of the month club!  Now we’re talkin’!

Tell us: What did you deem a must-have on your baby registry?