Raq-C’s World: "The Ultimate Power Tool Is Confidence"

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Today I’m back to give you advice & tips on everything you need to know on how to be a FABULOUS modern day Latina.

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Confidence can be sexier than the flyest pair of high heels, the tightest pair of pants, the sexiest dress, pretty much anything. CONFIDENCE is the secret ingredient to success, and the ultimate power tool any Latina needs to be fabulous.

Confidence is like the spices you add to your food; if you don’t add the seasoning, the real delicious flavor will be missing from your food. The seasonings are all the different things you bring to the table to make yourself the unique person that you are.

From recognizing your uniqueness comes your confidence.

Confidence is a state of mind. Your physical appearance also contributes to your state of mind. If you do not like what you’re seeing in the mirror, then you must do something about it.

Confidence begins with having a loving relationship with yourself above all. Figure out what you like, what you’re good at, what you don’t like but still embrace about yourself. Discover what makes you feel alive, powerful, good, & positive. Before you know it you will be bursting with confidence and you will be literally glowing from the inside out.


Write love notes to yourself: This really works for me and I know I have given you this tip before so that just goes to tell you how much I know it works! Write little notes to yourself that are going to make you feel better throughout your day. Write them all over, at work, home, for your kids, you can even write a note for you husband and put in his lunch bag as a surprise. Repeatedly seeing positive affirmations and truly believing in them is for sure a recipe for attaining self confidence and success. The keyword here is *BELIEVING.*

Take 15-30 minutes a day to spend with YOURSELF: In the hustle & bustle of life we sometimes forget about ourselves completely. THIS MUST STOP. Like the old saying goes, “If mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.” You must first be ok with yourself in order to be of service to others.

Look at yourself in the mirror: My radio co-host Nachin taught me this one. It might feel weird at the beginning but it will help you in your quest to be more confident in who you are. Talk to yourself and repeat positive affirmations out loud like“ You are amazing”, “You have all the ingredients to make this a fabulous day”, “You are perfect just the way you are”.  Tell yourself these kinds of affirmations out loud as frequently as possible. Watch and see them work wonders in your life! The key for positive affirmations to work is to believe what you are saying. If you think you can then you will on the other hand if you think you CAN’T then you won’t!

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Lots of love, siempre!