RaqC’s World: The Power of Good Habits

Hola, It’s me your girl Raq-C

I love connecting with you all through my Latina.com blog every week.

Today I’m back to give you advice & tips on everything you need to know on how to be a FABULOUS modern day Latina.

In my weekly blog I will be touching on a little bit of everything from relationships, hot topics, health, spirituality, career and anything in between. Being fabulous doesn’t have to take a lot of work but one thing it does take is discipline.

For better or for worse, our habits shape us. Any good habit worth forming will take discipline. You aren't always going to do things perfectly but the daily practice of that something you strive to master will help you improve your life for the better.

Habits can either be positive or negative. The negative habits we have developed can eventually be transformed into positive one’s with a little bit of awareness. Good habits are a strong indication of one’s potential to experience an extraordinary life.

To achieve our goals, whatever they may be, it’s necessary to defeat our negative habits and reinforce the positive ones.

Habits can either help you reach your goals or distract you from fulfilling your true purpose in life. At the end of the day no one knows you better than YOU, and we all know when we can push ourselves just a little bit harder or when we are without a doubt procrastinating.

Here are my tips to help develop good habits that have worked for me: Create a schedule and stick to it, do things ahead of time, don’t get down on yourself & last but not least separate needs from wants.

To me all these tips are important but my last tip is the one that helps me the most in continuing to develop good habits. Knowing what I NEED to do vs. what I WANT to do helps me prioritize and get things done no matter how long of a day I’ve had.

Sometimes ladies we must be the “GET IT DONE” girls because some things you just cannot afford to wait on. If you don’t pursue that genius idea of yours that you’ve been putting off please believe there’s someone else out there is on it.

The power of good habits is something you experience over time and now you can bring awareness to your negative and positive habits and improve your life. If you want to be that “Get it done girl” do it now….because after all it is the perfect moment.

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Lots of love until we meet again next week, Salud!