Raq-C’s World: Do What's Good For Your Heart!

Thank you for joining me another week to read my blog, “RAQ-C’s world”, where I share with you all my tips on how to be a fabulous modern day Latina from the inside out. I like to touch on it all from relationships, hot topics, fashion, health, spirituality, career and anything in between.

I’m sure you have heard before: "Real men and women don’t cry.” Well, I will have to say that I completely disagree with this statement.

When you bottle things up you become edgy, irritable and definitely NOT centered. Why? Because you are holding everything in.

Do what’s good for your heart. RELEASE your emotions. If you have to cry then DO IT. It doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you are alive and are a feeling, compassionate and emotional human being.

Emotions can take a lot out of us.

Feeling them, whether its anger, fear, or sadness, can leave us feeling exhausted and drained.

Part of being FABULOUS is getting out there and living life! Not connecting with your emotions can eventually drive you to acting out, over-eating, obsessing, staying in bed and hiding from the world.

Be gentle with yourself and your heart but don’t run away from your feelings either.


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Until next week…. BESOS!