Raq-C’s World: Make Sure You're Put Together!

Say please and thank you: Common courtesy is not too common anymore. Just because others don’t do it, doesn’t mean you don't have to also. Never forget to be grateful and express it as much as you can.

Hair: Your hair speaks volumes about who you are. Take pride in it. Maintain it. Roots are cute, but don’t let them get out of control.

Nails & Toes: I’ve always believed your toes and hands say a lot about who you are. Take pride in your appearance and hygiene. Ladies, the first thing a lot of men notice are your toes. The last thing you want is to give the wrong impression, but do it for yourself and not for anyone else.

Fashion ready: I'm sure you’ve heard this before, right? “First impressions are everything” - and they are. We live in a society where people are judgmental unfortunately, so why not leave them with a great taste in their mouth about you? Like your hair, your appearance speaks volumes about you too. You never know when you’ll have a date with destiny and when you do, you better look fabulous!!

I hope my tips helped you feel more fabulous than what you already are. I love connecting with you guys every week. Make sure you keep up with me on social media as well; on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Until next week…. BESOS!