Raq-C's World: The POWER of Saying THANK YOU!

Being in gratitude really comes from stopping and realizing all the amazing things that are going on. It’s about waking up and seeing you can wiggle your toes and hands and saying THANK YOU. Right now as I type this I am thankful that I can move my fingers. I know that may sound corny but that’s how real your gratitude must become.

Say thank you for sight, for your warm bed, for your car and the fact that you can fill it with gas, give thanks for the struggles you face it is all part of your journey. Bottom line is you MUST NEVER STOP saying thank you. Ever! Remember what you do your kids will repeat. How about getting them into the good habit of saying thank you and practicing gratitude.

A really cool habit I have formed this year has been to say THANK YOU out loud 10 times before jumping out of bed. It puts me in a very GRATEFUL & THANKFUL state of mind because that is all I infuse my brain with every morning. It’s a habit that when done frequently like anything else will become normal. I know a lot of times it’s tempting to want to jump on social media right away but NO say THANK YOU first.

Just like you get out of bed shower and do the normal routine of brushing your teeth getting dressed, etc the same thing must happen with saying THANK YOU!

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