Raq-C’s World: The Importance of Self-Discipline

Prepare the night before: Prepare your meals for the week on Sunday nights. That way you eat healthy, don’t waste money and stay disciplined with your healthy eating.

Always carry water in the car: The point of this is to really have water nearby at all times. It's important to keep hydrated -- it's good for your health and helps everything run smoothly. It’s better to have an excess of water than not enough.

Set appointments in your cell phone calendar: Set reminders for yourself because if you’re anything like me you may forget things. When you TRY to remember everything it just won’t work. It won’t. I’ve tried it. Set gym appointments for yourself or reminders so that way you are the most effective with your time.

Without discipline some things can really turn into a disaster! If you have lost that discipline in your life you must find it again. Maybe you lost your passion and along the way you lost your discipline.

If it's important to you, you will do it. You owe it to yourself and to your life to be disciplined for that is the only way you will get those true results and that true happiness.

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