Raq-C’s World: Giving Yourself Some Space!

Thank you for joining me another week to read my blog, “RAQ-C’s world”, where I share with you all my tips on how to be a fabulous modern day Latina from the inside out. I like to touch on it all from relationships, hot topics, fashion, health, spirituality, career and anything in between.

Today, I want to talk about the importance of having your own space, and YES this is possible even if you have kids and a very busy life. I know all about the busy lifestyle being a busy LA radio personality. Some people have nervous breakdowns because they try to do too much and then their body just shuts down on them. Don’t wait until that happens before you wake up. If you understand that sometimes you must slow down and listen to your body and internal voice you’ll save yourself much pain. Solitude is amazing for your soul.

I always like to use the example of the cell phone. What do you do when your phone is dying? You plug it into a wall and re-charge it right? The answer is YES. What do you do to recharge your soul? Do you spend alone time? Do you practice yoga? Do you have a hobby? Do you get away from all the craziness? Or are you participating in all the craziness?

These are a few of my tips to help you learn how to give yourself your own space:

Rent a room in a different city 

I love to take a road trip even if it’s 2 hours away from home to change the normal sceneray i’m accustomed to. Sometimes renting a room in a hotel in another city or just getting away to the beach can feel like a complete change. Take this time to write, or just simple re-group your thoughts.

Write in a journal

I read this the other day and loved it: "People who regularly write in a journal tend to have better self-esteem, confidence and are better able to handle the stresses of life. Write as often as possible it truly helps you release."

Move out

Of course this one depends on where you are mentally in your life and if you can handle this. I’ve been on my own since I was 19 so solitude really is necessary for me. Life is full of fun and challenging obstacles, so being able to retrieve into your own space in your safe haven is a MUST to keep you sane in a multi-tasking minded world.

Hope my tips helped you and I gave you’re a little bit of courage to give yourself the space you deserve whether you’re single, a mom, a wife, or a student.

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