#MassyMethodMondays: 3 Easy Ways To Keep Energized During The Work Day

#MassyMethodMondays: 3 Easy Ways To Keep Energized During The Work Day

Even those of us who love our jobs can experience a daily drag or lack of energy. Bad posture, unhealthy snacking and eating out of boredom can all impact your overall health. Don't worry — I'm here to help! I have some great tips I use to overcome the drag and keep my mind, body and soul in a happy place.

Believe it or not, I spend the majority of my time behind a computer. I train most of my clients online, and some days, I spend upwards of 10 hours in front of a laptop.

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Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause pain in my back, shoulders and hips. To fix this, I set an alarm every hour to remind me to get up and move for at least for five minutes at a time. During that break, I address my posture; I keep my shoulders back, and keep my spine at a neutral position without hunching forward.

Another tip for surviving the work day? Make sure to snack on healthy goods while sitting all day. It can be a real challenge! I like to do is pack easy, healthy snacks that keep me full, energized and happy. On my list of favorites are Fage Greek Yogurt (loaded with protein and probiotics for a healthy digestive system), trail mix with mixed nuts (great for energy and packed with omegas), some simple crunchy peanut butter with crispy Quaker caramel rice cakes or black coffee with a serving of 85% dark chocolate. 


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Another office obstacle is your health. To avoid getting sick (especially during cold and flu season!), keep some grapefruit available. They are packed with bioflavonoids, which boosts your immune system. Another favorite of mine is watermelon. Summer or not, it is packed with lycopene which helps prevent infections. Another trick I love is adding cinnamon to your coffee or grapefruit because it is an antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral machine. 

Sound off in the comments: how do you keep energized and healthy during the work week? 

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