#MassyMethodMondays: How To Stop Making Excuses & Start Changing

#MassyMethodMondays: How To Stop Making Excuses & Start Making Changes

How many times have you sworn you’ll start dieting tomorrow or start working out.... but not until Monday? Often times we really want things to happen, but we never actually get around to actually making them happen. Next Monday turns into next month, and before you know it, a year has passed without you stepping foot inside a gym. How do you fix it? How do you stop making excuses and start making changes?

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Here's a few tips for beating excuses and making positive changes in your life and health:



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1. Make a plan and write it down. By putting things on paper you make them real. Write out all of your goals and when you want to have them accomplished. Do not put it in a notebook and sit it on a shelf; make sure these goals are clearly visible on a daily basis. Stick them on your mirror, make a collage on your computer, or start a vision board in your room. Seeing what you want on a daily basis can inspire you to go out there and get it.

2. Break it up. Wanting to lose 50 lbs this year is a great goal, but such a high number may seem intimidating and impossible. Instead, start by saying you want to lose 4 lbs per month. That sounds like a much easier and much more attainable goal.

3. Get an accountability partner. Having someone close to you who knows your goals will keep you from backsliding and keep you on track. Someone who greets you with cupcakes and wants to do happy hour three times a week is not your accountability partner. You want a friend who will go to the gym with you or ask, “Are you supposed to be eating cake? Aren’t you on a meal plan?”

4. Get off the couch. Procrastination is not your friend! If you think you’re too tired to workout, drink a pre-workout supplement, black coffee or green tea until you get accustomed to your exercise and healthy eating schedule. Before you know it, you will notice a shift in your energy levels. By eating healthier and working out, you can maintain steady energy levels throughout the day and may not feel as fatigued. 

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There is nothing wrong with baby steps. Some people can drop bad habits "cold turkey," while others need to ease into it. It may not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. What changes can you make today to better your tomorrow? Tell us below!