Zen Kids

Pre-baby, I was a big fan of yoga.  I'd go once or twice a week to a local studio.  It was cleansing and invigorating and made me feel strong.  After baby, I could never find the time.  You can imagine my excitement when I discovered Itsy Bitsy Yoga, which is a program for enjoying yoga with your child.  I bought both books and have been doing the exercises with my girls since both were newborns.  However, I know my girls would love to take a real life class.  Unfortunately, we don't have any classes in the area geared at my girls' age group.  Enter: Umbral, Yoga con Lina Naira--Yoga in Spanish for kids!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have discovered this awesome program.  Raising the girls bilingual I'm always looking for interesting and engaging media we can use to compliment their language learning.  I watched the video clip online and my toddler had a blast imitating the moves on the screen.  I joined in and have to say it was a lot of fun stretching and posing with her.  I also love the opportunity to learn fun ways to name classic yoga poses in Spanish.

Not only do I love this video for the language aspect but I applaud it for getting kids to exercise.  With so much talk about the dangers of obesity amongst our youth, it's refreshing to find a video geared at teaching kids the many benefits of yoga.  As a parent, I know yoga will not only make for a happier child but also a happier parent.  Yoga can help in many ways - taming a tantrum, soothing physical ailments, calming down for bedtime, focusing energy, preventing stomach issues - just to name a few.  Above all, I think it's a great way to make fitness a family affair. 

With Easter around the corner, I have a feeling this one will be making an appearance in the Easter basket this year.  If you'd like to purchase visit Lina's site where you can purchase the video for $14.99.  The video contains a children's yoga segment as well as an adult segment so the whole family benefits!  If you're feeling lucky, hope on over to one of my favorite blogs, Spanishbaby.com to enter their giveaway  for this awesome video.  But hurry, the giveaway ends today!