Winter Fun

It's only February and summer is (or at least feels) a lifetime away. With the holidays over, we find our family has a lot more free time.  But just because there's less to do does not mean we're ready to settle into hibernation for the remainder of these chilly days. I'm all about getting the kids out of the house at least once a day. I believe it's necessary for their, and my, sanity, not to mention it's important for them to do a little exercise and expend some energy.

So, I search out activities like a mad woman.  I'm always on the look out for interesting and active things to switch up our routine. During the summer, we can just pull over at the first sign of a playground—right now our activities require a bit more planning and a few more layers but they're fun nonetheless.  Here are a few tips on where to find stuff to do.

  1. Check out your local library's website. Some libraries have museum passes you can check out just like a book.  They will also have story times and other similar activities on a somewhat regular basis.
  2. Look into museums—even if they're not geared towards kids.  A visit during the week to an art or science museum won't be as busy as the weekend. Kids will love new scenery and museums tend to be pretty interesting places for mom and dad too.
  3. Sign up for Daily Candy Kids. It's a regular email newsletter that lets you know what's going on in  your area. It's focused on major metropolis areas but if you're up for a drive, you can find some pretty fun things to do.
  4. Go to an indoors farmers market.  These are usually a great draw for families so you're bound to be surrounded by other kids. There's lots of food to snack on and you learn about where food comes from. 
  5. Do a Google search with your state/town and the words "mom" or "mommy and me."  Maybe you'll stumble upon a mommy blogger who posts activities and events. Or you might find classes you can sign up for.
  6. Check out gymnastics or dance studios, they may have open gym/studio time for a small fee.  Some even have open houses throughout the year you can check out.

Hope this helps some stir crazy mamitas out there! Where do you find cold weather fun to have with your little ones?