Why Oh Why?


The other day we went to Barnes and Noble.  Dessa played with a little girl in the children's book section and then the little girl had to leave with her mom.  Dessa and I waved good-bye and my toddler asked me, "¿Donde va ella?"  I told her in Spanish that the little girl was headed home. 

Dessa asked, "¿Porque?

I told her because she was hungry and wanted to eat. 

Dessa asked, "¿Porque?

I told her because she had worked up an appetite playing.

Dessa asked, "¿Donde esta su papa?"

I told her, lying, that he was at work.

Dessa asked, "¿Porque?"

I told her because he had to make money.

Dessa asked, "¿Porque?"

I could go on forever.  This is what my days are like now. 

Do you have a limit on how many times you'll respond to a question?  I want to encourage her curiosity but I can only take so much.  Someone, please tell me it ends!

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