I was super excited to have my family stay with us over the holidays. It's always great to see my girls bond with their abuelo, abuela and tia—not to mention having our home spilling over with all my favorite things, mainly mami's home cooking and Español! I was not a fan of what went down when the kids went to bed. My family took the TV hostage for three straight hours a night for novela time...not even their grandchildren could lure them away from the screen! The only novela I ever enjoyed was Mari Mar, which was addictive, so I kinda get how hypnotizing they can be.

The day after Christmas, recuperating from the holidays and in full control of the remote, I discovered Viva La Familia on Univision. The one hour variety show is produced by parent company Todo Bebe, which specializes in covering all things pregnancy and parenting for Spanish speaking families. It had fun segments on belly dancing during pregnancy and cute kids talking about things they don't like. But the highlight for me was by far the telebebela.

A telebebela is like a baby telenovela. When they first introduced the segment I was totally confused, but quickly realized that the hostess was, indeed, introducing a novela about a baby boy who falls in love with a Brasileña he just can't have. Cute clips of babies are dubbed with hilarious, overly-dramatic voice overs. I'm sad to have just found these because according to the Viva la Familia site, these Telebebelas are on their way out. Luckily you can still catch all the mini-drama: