The Taming of the Tantrums

Tantrums, oh, tantrums. They are in full effect in my house these days. Dessa is one headstrong, independent and strong-willed toddler. She's a feisty Cubanita if ever I've seen one. 

As frustrating as it is, it's also really great to see. I'd much rather have a spirited daughter who is willing to stand her ground than one who is always agreeable. What's parenting without a challenge? Now that we're knee deep into the terrible twos, I've put into practice a couple of tactics that we've found helpful. Here, for your testing, are the Molina-Martins methods for controlling tantrums:

  • We use the time out method. We tell Dessa what behavior we want her to stop and then count down from three. If she doesn't stop the behavior, she goes to her time out chair where she stays until she calms down and says sorry. I doubted this method but it really does work, although she has been known to put one hand on her hip and count me down to time out on occasion. It's moments like these when I realize I'm staring in the mirror.
  • We treat her like a big girl (thanks big time for this tip, ladies). There's nothing she likes more than to be like mami and papi. We try to redirect Dessa by giving her a "grown-up" task: carrying a bag, teaching Farrah how to do something, helping to clean the house. This one never backfires!

What tantrum taming tips do you have? I know this is just the beginning so I'm looking to beef up my arsenal!