The Sweet Smell of Violets

This weekend I found myself at Babies 'R Us with my girls.  I was waiting on Dessa to choose her box of band aids (she's obsessed) and I told her in Spanish she had to pick one so we could go pay for our carriage of baby stuff.  The mami in the same aisle overheard me and asked me if I knew where in the store she might find "colonia."  If you didn't know, I live in suburban New England where little Latino babies with earrings and azabaches are about as common as three headed aliens.  I broke the news to her that the store didn't carry any colonia (baby perfume) and even worse, she'd be hard pressed to find any within a 25 mile radius. 

Since birth my girls have been drenched in Violetas. It's the quintessential smell of little Cuban baby girls.  When Violetas isn't available, Para Mi Bebe comes in at a close second.  At any given moment, we have 3 to 4 bottles of the sweet scent in our house.  My girls know the routine—if we're headed out the door, they make sure they have their perfume on.  Since I have yet to find a place locally that carries it, I stock up whenever I head home to New Jersey and when my parents visit they bring boxes of it.

I'm headed home in a few weeks, so we'll restock then but if you find yourself far from home and the are craving the scent of violetas for your baby, you can purchase it here. What is your favorite baby scent? Do you think it's weird to put perfume on a baby?