Summer Lovin'

In the middle of this chilly winter, I've got summer fever, I just skipped spring fever and went straight to summer. We live near the ocean and took a drive by the beaches the other day—with the heat blasting in the car and the sun shining in the windows, I could have sworn it was a hot August day. Except for my giant coat of course.

The first summer I was a mom, we stayed away from the beach. Dessa was only a month or so old and we were terrified she'd come down with a heat stroke or sunburn or swallow sand. We were totally neurotic new parents! Since then, we've spent as much time as possible by the ocean.

Now, Dessa is super mobile. She's full on running and ready to dive into the ocean. Little Farrah is also just mobile enough to make a trip to the beach, um, a bit of a workout for me. We're signing Dessa up for swim classes and hunting for cute little girl bathing suits. We're also contemplating buying an inflatable pool for the beach. Some parents I know have raved about it as a way to keep younger kid like Farrah and Dessa entertained without always having to take them into the ocean. Another great beach tip I've picked up is that baby powder helps remove sand like magic, essential for keeping the car clean and sand-free.

I mean business when it comes to the beach. It's feeds my soul . . . I'm convinced it's the Cubana in me. Do you ladies have any good beach tips? C'mon, indulge my mid-winter beach dreaming.