The Other Child

My little baby isn't so little any more! Just last week Farrah turned 8 months and ever since, she's been crossing off milestones left and right.  In case you were wondering:

1. She has mastered the art of the crawl. She used to scoot around the house but it quickly morphed into a full on crawl—she now moves at alaming speeds.

2. I can barely believe it but she cruises around the house already! She pushes a little wagon back and forth, it's not a quick stroll, but rather confident and joyous.

3. She claps. This always seemed like a silly thing to celebrate but it really makes me so happy.

4. She is still seriously attached to me, but just this weekend she began to enjoy new people more. Now, smiles abound.

5. The most amazing milestone? The little stinker has two teeth! Big sister Dessa didn't grow any until she was a whole year old and here comes Farrah at just under eight months with two chompers already.

So, life has been busy and eventful for this mami this past week. Where does the time go?

Be sure to tune in next week for all new pics of the chiquitas!