Oh, Christmas Tree!

While most folks have taken down their Christmas tree and eliminated any sign of the holiday from their home, we've still got all of our holiday decor up. As much as both my husband and I would love to take it all down and get back to our normal, clutter free status, we're willing to deal with it until we celebrate El Dia de Los Reyes Mago. As a kid, the holidays were never over until January 6th and I'm happy to continue the tradition with my girls. To celebrate, I'd choose one of the three kings and leave him a letter on our Christmas tree. The next morning the letter would be gone and one present would be left under the tree. My family and I would spend the day relaxing at home together. It's like Christmas without all the pressure to visit a ton of people or whip up a giant feast.

I've been thinking about also incorporating the tradition of leaving some grass in a shoe for the The Three Kings' camels for my little ladies. It's a simple and sweet tradition I think they will love. With a few days left, I'd love to learn more about what other folks do to celebrate Three King's Day. Do you do anything special to prepare for the arrival of Los Reyes? How do you get the kids involved? Now that our toddler is able to understand some of the meaning behind the holidays, I want to get her involved in celebrating.

I'm off to figure out where I can find some grass this time of year in the snowy tundra that is New England!