My Bilingual Better Half

My husband is not Latino, but knows quite a bit of Spanish. Growing up he spent many summers at a New Hampshire camp with lots of kids from Mexico and Venezuela. He learned most of his Spanish from the friends he made there (an equal amount of appropriate Spanish and plenty inappropriate Spanish as well). He is, by no means, fluent; but knows enough that I can't get much past him. He also knows enough to think he sometimes knows more than me, the girl who spoke Spanish way before she spoke English.

A few examples:

Once, while visiting New Jersey, we took a trip to New York City with my abuelito. Our toddler asked what was ahead of us as we approached the Lincoln Tunnel. I told her it was "un tunel."  My husband, the polite eavesdropper, chuckled. He said he was pretty sure the word for tunnel in Spanish wasn't "tunel".  With abuelito sitting right there, I went ahead and proved my lovely husband wrong.

On another occasion my mami was watching baseball while we were visiting. When my toddler asked what was happening on the TV, I told her they were playing "beisbol." Again he insisted I stop faux translating words into Spanish. Again, he was wrong.

Then there was the time our toddler wanted to know how mami said sandwich in Spanish; her father had just finished making her one. I told her it was "un sandwich".  Oh the chuckles I heard on that one. 

My poor hubby is just trying to make sure our little girls learn proper Spanish, but it's a battle he's clearly losing. Wait until my next post when I tell you about all the words he insists on correcting because he's never heard of them! 

My husband, the Spanish language authority.