A Love Letter to Moms of Colicky Babies

Your precious, sweet angel you waited 9 long months for has finally arrived.  You anticipated cooing and angelic gurgly sounds complete with little foamy spit bubbles of love.  Instead you've found yourself with a wailing baby that cries non-stop.  You heard about colic but thought (wished, hoped) it happened to other folks and even if you did suffer through it, how bad could it really be?  Now you know. It's bad.

You rock. You sway. You buy the thing that makes them sleep like they're on a hill. You burp them (a lot).  You try the baby yoga moves that promise a zen baby. You hope (and pray). Then you just sit there, defeated. The wailing barely ceases. You can't recall what silence is like. You haven't been able to hear your own thoughts in weeks. You want (or like me, actually do) cry because despite your best efforts, you cannot comfort your own child. You love them more than words. But their tiny little bodies are still figuring out how to function.  It doesn't stop at the crying, there's the constant spit up.  Your wardrobe resembles a certain Ms. Lewinsky (eww). 

Here's the love part of this letter—it will stop.  One day you will be enjoying your baby, no longer an infant, and realize you haven't heard wailing in months.  You play happily, smiles abound and everyone is happy, bursting with happy.  Colic sucks.  But it does end.  I can attest to it seeing as my own colicky baby is now 9 months old and no longer screams her entire day away.  Your baby does not hate your guts.  They can't help it.  Just keep loving them and rocking and swaying and stretching and all that good stuff.  Underneath all those wails is the cooing, angelic gurgly baby you always dreamed of.  Hang in there.