Little Blanca Nieve

As you can see, Dessa was Snow White for Halloween.  You won't find a picture of Farrah in costume because there isn't one.  A costume, I mean. Our poor second child had to settle for a creative ensemble of leopard print sweater and beret—a chic French baby or  a whiskerless leopard, perhaps? Call it what you want but the bottom line is we didn't get her a costume. I couldn't find Dessa's piggy costume from her first Halloween and didn't have enough time to shop for a coordinating costume, so I gave in and said to heck with it.

I feel bad sometimes because I think Farrah isn't getting the same attention Dessa got.  I strap her on in a baby carrier then go about chasing Dessa around.  To compensate I'm going to spoil the little chunky monkey with the cutest holiday outfit.  Check her out below, I still think she looks cute but I'm her mami. 

Hope you all had a great Halloween!