Latina Mothers in America

What a great response I got from the Latina Mothers in America concept. Today I'm excited to bring you the first installment in this series, where I speak to inspiring Latina mothers. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who have reached out to me. For those of you thinking about it, please know that a successful Latina mother is any mother who is a strong and confident woman raising the next generation of Latinos, handing down our beautiful culture and staying true to herself. You can be a working woman or stay at home mom, part of a dynamic couple who works together, or a dynamic single mom who doing it all. The Latina mother in America has many faces; the common thread is that she makes the rest of us proud to be Latina.

Our first Latina Mother in America is a passionate mom who somehow finds time to do it all. 

Name: Irene Cabrera

Puerto Rican, born in New York City and raised in Bayamon Puerto Rico

Irene has been married for 13 years to Derick K. Grant (the first tap choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance!) and is the proud mother of two children, ages 9 and 11.

Career (in addition to motherhood, of course): She works full time for 21st Century family rock star, Dan Zanes, and is the general manager for Festival Five Records. Festival Five Records is an independent label owned and operated by Dan Zanes committed to the creation of sophisticated family music for all ages.

Extracurricular: As if motherhood and working full time wasn't enough, Mrs. Cabrera also finds time to be involved in her children's education. She is the only Latina on the Board of Trustees for her children's school, The Little Red School House, and is a parent representative for her son’s 6th grade class. In addition, she also volunteers with the school admissions office, the Building for Action fundraising campaign and the Annual Fund to ensure funds for the school’s tuition remission program, the Gay + Lesbian Awareness/Equality team and the Parents of Children of Color Committee.

Raising artists:  With her husband's background in dance and coming from a rich Latino culture, Irene is raising her children to appreciate the arts. Both of her children are tap dancers and play instruments. Young bodies need to keep active, so they also take Karate and participate in basketball teams outside of school!

Representing Latinas:  Irene had the incredible opportunity to appear in Rosie Perez' documentary Yo Soy Boricua Pa'Que Tu Lo Sepas  and in the HBO film Lackawanna Blues.

In her own words: Yes, I do it all and all the while proud to be a Wise Latina madre-wife-sister in this country!

Thank you, Irene, for sharing your story!

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