Latina Mothers In America

Like many Latinos, I gave up some of my favorite prime time television to check out Soledad O'Brien's CNN special Latino in America. I've been excited for this special since word first got out about it and it didn't disappoint. I think it gave a solid picture of what a diverse people we are and how diverse our experience is. Do I think any new ground was covered? No. But the show served as a great reminder of the strides we've made and how much more work lies ahead of us.

I never like watching the negative stories about the Latino experience. I know they are a reality for many but it's aggravating and feels as though sometimes it's all we see. As an optimist, I appreciated the balance reached by showcasing Latinos who've overcome obstacles and achieved success. These positive stories got me thinking, "How come we don't hear more positive stories about Latinos? Not about Eva Longoria or George Lopez, but about normal, everyday folks doing great things?"

Then I thought about all the amazing Latina mothers I know, in real life and on the web, and wondered why no one is sharing their stories. These women are pursuing their dreams, running businesses, raising the next generation of Latinos, passing on our language, keeping our customs alive. I've decided it's time Latina mothers got a little bit of the spotlight. Here's the plan: Every other week, I will feature a Latina mom who is doing her thing and sets an example of a successful mami. If you fall into this category, send me an email at Please include photos, videos and anything that will help support your story so we can share it on The Mami Diaries.

Let's spread the good news!