Last Minute Gifts

I'm a terrible gift giver! It's not that I don't care, I actually care a lot—maybe too much—and give tons of thought to what each special person in my life should receive. Trouble is, I'm just not very organized and, honestly, I'm a bit of a scatter brain. This time of year, even the best of intentions can get side tracked and I find myself running around at the last minute.

My saving grace? Having kids! With kids it becomes super easy to give meaningful gifts that don't require a whole lot of planning or effort. To some that may seem terrible but trust me when I tell you I've yet to get a complaint from any of the abuelos or tias. Photo related gifts are a huge (and I mean HUGE) hit in my family. So, I recently visited the new Kodak gallery to order a few things that I know find msyelf having a hard time giving away.

My two favorites are the photo mug which is for my abuelito (he may visit the blog but doesn't read English so I'm safe!). We opted for the 15oz collage option and I was shocked at how clear the pictures were displayed; it's perfect for him to enjoy his cafecito. The second runner up is the medium sized photo book I created. It's convinced me I need to make these regularly instead of printing out pictures which just end up stuffed in a box. If you've got last minute shopping to do, you still have time to get gifts there for the holidays. Head on over and join me in being a gifting super star.

Happy shopping!