Jessica Alba's Spanish 101

Jessica Alba has gotten lots of flack in the past for some of her supposed comments on her heritage.  I feel for her because she gets criticized for speaking her mind. In a recent interview, Jessica revealed that she's hired a professional Spanish tutor to ensure that both she and her daughter learn the language. At the end of the day, she's just another woman with a complicated cultural history who wants to pass it on to her family.

I am completely fluent in Spanish but given the financial opportunity I would definitely hire a Spanish tutor any day. It may sound odd but in my little New England state where I'm still mastering the art of playdates and making friends with other mothers, it would be nice to have someone else to enjoy the language with. . .not to mention another person for my girls to listen to and interact with.

I appreciate Alba as a positive role model for Latinas because she is proud of where she comes from and represents the modern Latina experience—being Latina and American, and accepting that she is not an expert on any one culture. She is willing to go the extra mile to educate herself and her family about where she's from. 

Hiring your very own professor on Hispanic culture isn't in most of our budgets, but I'm sure we all make an effort to educate our children about our Latin roots. If you need a helping hand you should check out these awesome, interactive websites for kids.  Not exactly your own personal professor but a good back up any day.