Hello, Hola and Bonjour!

Have I mentioned I have a bit of a girl crush on lovely Salma Hayek?  I do. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, undeniably talented and smart.  And she's a mom raising a trilingual kid.  Her daughter, Valentina, who is only 2 1/2 years old is already fluent in English, French and Spanish.  Her tot is teaching mami a few tricks and helping Salma learn French. How sweet is that?

As you know, I'm raising my daughters bilingual. I'm always inspired by other mamis, famous or not, who are also raising multilingual kids. The Spanish in our house is doing fantastic. Any fear or uncertainty I had about the effectiveness of using the one-parent-one-language method for raising a bilingual child are long gone thanks to a chatter box of a toddler who talks my ear off in Spanish and her papi's in English. Reading all about the trilingual chit chat going on with Salma, I'm beginning to wonder if now is the time to introduce a third language.

I've always been obsessed with languages; I think it's beautiful to hear how different things are said around the world.  I only speak English and Spanish but would love to learn more languages one day.  If my girls are going to be fluent in more than just English and Spanish, I think now is a fantastic time to start.  My husband's family is part Portuguese and his grandparents speak the language fluently.  It would be easy to have a weekly playdate to immerse them in the language. Other than that we don't have a connection to another language. I'm torn between choosing a language that connects our girls to their roots versus just choosing a language for the fun of it (like Arabic or French).   

Are any of you raising trilingual kids? How did you choose the languages?  I'll keep you posted on when and how this next step in our language journey goes!