He Said, She Said

In my Mami Diaries post last week I told you about my husband who thinks himself my personal Spanish dictionary. He fancies himself quite the authority on the language. Funny thing is he doesn't just reserve his corrections for words he thinks I'm faux translating but also for words he thinks I'm flat out making up. Think of him as the Latino friend who tells you you're using the wrong words for everything.

He learned his Spanish mainly from Mexican and Venezuelan campers when he was a teenager. So when I try to round everyone up to get in our "carro", he insists I'm wrong; I should be saying "coche".  When I'm telling our toddler to put on her "medias" so we can get out the door, my hubby chimes in with "calcentines".  I could go on and on with this list.

I know it's just a matter of how vast and varied the beautiful Spanish language is.  As Latinos, we have a common language, but we have nurtured unique flavors of Spanish by region. The confusion is what makes our conversations so lively and full of laughter.  My daughters will learn the Spanish I learned—Cuban Spanish by way of northern New Jersey. There is a big Dominican population here in our little state, so perhaps their Spanish will also get infused with a dash of DR. And, if their father has his way, they'll also get a sprinkle of his Mexican/Venezuelan Spanish.

If you want a good laugh or just a great look at how diverse and beautiful our language is, check out this post on tikitikiblog.com and the awesome comments. 

Do you and your spouse use different Spanish dialects?  What words or phrases do you most disagree about?