The (Gold) Tooth Fairy

I recently came across "Le Knockout" collection from Kim Kovel while surfing the glorious world wide web.  It's a keepsake line which takes the tooth fairy to a whole other level. When your baby loses their first tooth, Ms. Kovel (a mommy herself) will cast it in gold or silver and engrave their initials on it so you can turn a major milestone into as a cute charm.  If you're feeling extra blingy, you can even add a diamond! Check it out:









We're still a few years away from the tooth fairy phase with either baby girl, especially Farrah (as you can obviously tell from her picture above, forgive the drool) so I don't have to entertain the thought of what to do with my children's first teeth. But coming across this jewelry line made me laugh, at first I honestly thought it was absolutely absurd! That is, until I realized that my parents did the same thing with my teeth, I totally had a charm made out of one of my teeth. Mine was literally my tooth attached to a gold piece and looped onto a chain, nothing too fancy—don't ask me why, but I actually feel it's quite gross. Come to think of it, I don't remember much tooth fairy talk growing up, but I definitely remember that darn tooth around my neck.

So, I won't be dropping $300 on a golden keepsake of my nenas teeth but there's definitely some mami's out there who would.  What do you think, weird or cute?