Fly Girl

On Sunday, March 7, superstar Latinas took to the red carpet to celebrate the 82nd Academy Awards.  While Zoe Saldana wore my favorite dress of the evening, it was Jennifer Lopez that had my jaw dropping.  I know, this lady always looks fabulous.  Even when her outfit may not be so great she still looks gorgeous.  What makes me marvel, though, is that she is the mami of twins!  When I had only one child it was a project to get out of the house looking half way decent.

I know what you're going to say: She's got the money. She's got a team of people working for her. It's her job to look good.  I've got none of that which explains why I often take the lazy road and don't bother with make-up or blow drying my hair. Don't get me started on clothes. I've got nothing that resembles a celebrity wardrobe. Instead, I've got clothing dating back to my college days that I refuse to get rid of and new clothes I refuse to purchase. Why can't I get my stylish mojo back?

Well, I'm declaring war on my frumpy mami self. With Spring around the corner, I've got the perfect excuse to get a new wardrobe- one that's in style and that fits this post baby body.  Honestly, I've been in my frumpy stage since I had my first daughter which means I'm going on frumpy for about 2.5 years (yikes!).  My little girls always go out looking fabulous and me, well, I'm always looking...meh. Those days are gone. Time for a mami make-over.  But since I'm so terribly out of the fashion and style loop, I'm asking you lovely chicas for some help.

Where is the best place to go shopping for stylish clothes (no teeny bopper stores, please, they don't have a size for these post-baby boobs)?  How do you ladies find time to pamper yourselves?  And here's the big question, how many days can I safely wear leggings (they're my new wardrobe staple!)?