Dora "The Tween" Explorer

I am not a Dora the Explorer fan. Sure, I appreciate the fact that she is a good Latina role model for kids. Dessa gets a good dose of Dora from her grandma who has a couple of her books and I love the way my mother-in-law uses Dora as a tool to connect with Dessa's Latino culture. But still, I refuse to give in to the pint size adventurer. She just gets on my nerves; the monkey, the annoying voice, the Spanglish.

Now that I've learned sweet, little Dora is going to be tweenified, contrary to how most parents seem to be feeling, I'm actually considering bringing her into our home. Mattel and Nickelodeon assure parents that new tween Dora is still true to herself and wholesome. This more mature Dora lives in the city, attends middle school and has sent those awful shorts and bangs packing. Dora is also catching up with technology and ditching her time in the woods; tween Dora comes with a unique online world. I've seen other "tween" dolls, ala Bratz and I'm never impressed. I certainly don't want Dessa to ever look like a Bratz doll so hopefully this new Dora will stay away from belly button baring tops, stilettos and make-up.

Since I'm not a big fan of everyone's favorite Latina preschooler, I'm not too concerned about Dora growing up a bit. Other parents, however, are worried that this new older version of Dora will be too sexy and fashion obsessed, straying far from the character everyone has come to know and love.

I want to know what real mamis think. Is it time Dora grew up? Do you think the new silhouette they released is too sexy?