Bust a Move

This week the Internet is buzzing with commentary on these little girls dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" in this video. (Check out the video below!)

I find it pretty funny that so many people have their panties in a bunch about these kids. People are saying the dance is too damn sexy. They think the costumes are a tad on the slutty side. They say it's perfect for pedophile consumption. They're bashing the parents of these girls as unfit and careless.

To all the critics I say, "Loosen up!" I took dance lessons throughout my entire childhood; 10 years give or take. I know that their performance was spot-on. These are some talented girls. I was too busy marveling at their spins to care about their costumes or bumping and grinding. (I actually could have done without the costumes, but they're no worse than dance team or cheerleading uniforms.) These girls were at a dance competition and the performance was meant to be viewed by other parents and supporters who know the difference between kiddie porn and a children's dance competition.

No one tells parents of swimmers they're unfit because they'll be on display in barely anything. No one is complaining about the volleyball players (the ladies) who sport camel toe inducing short shorts to toss the ball around. Give these kids and their parents a break! If anything, it's the person who put the video on YouTube who should be getting all the hate mail. So to these girls and their parents: Rock on!


What do you think, should we draw the line on how we let our kids appear in public when it comes to activities like dance? Are sending the wrong message by letting them wear barely-there clothing? Cast your vote!