Bargain Baby

Growing up, "frugal" wasn't a term my family used a lot. We took trips to Disney every year, were extravagant gift givers and kept up with the Jones's to a certain extent—all on a middle class income. But nowadays, with all this talk of, "Recession this, frugal that," it's really become all about the bargain. And I've got to be honest, it is tough for me. I used to like to shop for myself (who doesn't?), but I really love shopping for my girls. I could do nothing else all day long and I would if money grew on trees.

Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees. Lucky for me, there are a whole slew of online shopping sites offering up bargains for babies and kids. Check out the list below, for a great list of sites that have everything from clothes to shoes to toys. And Mamis don't get left out of the fun; you'll also find diaper bags, lotions and maternity wear. Some of them require invites so consider this yours!

The Mini Social
Baby Steals

Where do you look for bargains for your little ones?